Lab 11 - Practice with WEKA



Load a dataset

Apply filters on the dataset

Split into training and testing

Learn a model (classification) and predict the unseen data

Apply association learning and derive rules

The Dataset

Here is a comma separeted document containing a dataset collected from GapMinder. Download

We will use this dataset to try to predict the category of average income a country will have for 2010, given the income and life expectancy in 2006 and the change from 1996's income and life expectancy. We also have isnformation about the region in which a country belongs.

Finally we want to see which attributes and combination of attributes play a significant role in deciding the output, by using association learning and analysing the resulting associations.


Here you can download a handout describing what we did in the lab. It is a summary of the techniques we saw and it is based on a different (and more simple) dataset

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