The Thirteenth Lab

Course Review

Decy 4, 2015

(I) Relational Database

  •         1) ER-Diagram
  •         2) Relational Model
  •         3) Relational Algebra
  •         4) SQL
  •         5) Normal Forms

(II) Database Storage

  •         1) Disk
  •         2) Buffer Management
  •         3) File Organization

(III) Database Index

  •         1) Indexing
  •         2) B+-tree
  •         3) Hashing

(IV) Query Processing

  •         1) Query Evaluation
  •         2) Query Optimization

(V) Database Instances

  •         1) Relational Database Application (PostgreSQL)
  •         2) NoSQL Databases

(*) About PA3

  •         1) For Question 2.1: Follow the instructions in Lab 12. Do not modify the dataset provided in Lab 12.
  •         2) For Question 2.2:
                    The flight data is in bz2 format. Unzip bz2 file by using bzip2 -d "filename"
                    A sample java code is provided to clean the data.
                            This java code is not enough to clean the data since it does not remove any column or row.
                            You can modify this java code to clean data. Or you can write your own code to clean data.

                    You should remove the original header of csv files and insert a new header to csv files to be imported into Neo4j
  •         3) For Neo4j on Mac: Do not use dmg file to install Neo4j on Mac. Download the Unix distribution and unzip the file.
  •         4) For both Neo4j and MongoDB, you had better run NoSQL Databases on your own computers or use the Linux machines in Undergrad Lab locally. DO NOT run Neo4j or MongoDB on any server of csa1, csa2, csa3 or cs460.