The Eighth Lab


Octy 23, 2015

(I) Start with PA1

        You can find the instructions Here

  •         1) Use PostgreSQL database on
  •         2) Use Tomcat on , or
  •         3) Download the tools, configuration files and templates
  •         4) Modify the configuration files
                    Change ports in apache-tomcat-5.5.15/conf/server.xml
                    Change usernames and passwords in photoshare/META-INF/context.xml
  •         5) Modify the .bashrc file
  •         6) Update the database
  •         7) Start the server and try the sample
  •         8) Read the template files and finish PA1

(II) SSH login without password

        Instructions below work for Linux and Mac machines

  •         1) Generate a pair of authentication keys on the local machine
                    Run ssh-keygen -t rsa
  •         2) Connect to the server and create a directory ~/.ssh
                    Run ssh [username]@[hostname] mkdir -p .ssh
  •         3) Append local machine's public key to the server
                    Run cat .ssh/ | ssh [username]@[hostname] 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'
  •         4) Now you can log into [username]@[hostname] from the local machine without password

        Instructions for using PuTTY on Windows machines is Here


        HTML5 tutorial is Here

  •         1) You can learn HTML by using this wepage
  •         2) Learn the tags
  •         3) Visible part of the HTML document: body tag
  •         4) New paragraph: p tag
  •         5) Line break: br tag
  •         6) Horizontal rule: hr tag
  •         7) Create a list in HTML: ul & li tags
  •         8) Drop-down selection list: select & option tags
                    Size attribute in drop-down selection list
  •         9) Text area: textarea tag
                    Use style="resize:none" to disable the resize functionality
  •         10) Clickable button: button tag
  •         11) Use input to submit information: input tag