Feb.11, 2011

Read Project's Materials

Feb.25, 2011

Discuss Requirments of the Project

Mar.11, 2011

Create Website for the Project

Mar.18, 2011

Populate Website for the Project and start programing in Html

Mar.25, 2011

Read and Discuss about Hypergraph

Mar.31, 2011

Discuss relationship between Hypergraph and Propositional Logic

Apr.5, 2011

Read and discuss Materials of aartifact project

Apr.11, 2011

Talk with TF Andrei Lapets about the Project

Apr.12, 2011

Start programming in Javascript

Apr.14, 2011

Hypergraph Data Structure: Done!

Apr.16, 2011

Transitive Closure Operation: Done!

Apr.21, 2011

Propositional Logic: Done!

Apr.22, 2011


Apr.26, 2011

Talk with TF Andrei Lapets about the different cases of how "imply" deduction rule should be used

Apr.28, 2011

Input Parser: Done!

Apr.29, 2011

Integrate parser with closure program

May.1, 2011

Test the whole project

May.4, 2011

Post Program on this website and Test

May.8, 2011

Technical Report: Done!